Chateez cards
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Our very own manufactured and sold resource!



During our sessions with young people, we recognised that it was not always easy for them to talk about their feelings (or easy for us for that matter!) We did however spot how communicative they were whilst on their mobiles using emojis. So we thought, lets combine the two and ask young people to share how they were feeling in emojis. BOOM – Chateez were born!

We set about consulting with lots of young people on the most popular and common emojis used to express feelings at that time and asked them to interpret the 25 most popular into one word for us. We then put had this designed.

After lots of convo’s with printing companies to see where best to get them manufactured, we took our first delivery of 39,000 Chateez cards in September, 2016. After A LOT of sweat, blood and tears to get them packed, we launched Chateez at the SEN TES exhibition in Angel in October 2016 and haven’t looked back since!

We’ve added a new product this year to our collection, a Chateez poster as requested by lots of our teacher friends! We’re always looking for inspiration so please, if you’ve got any ideas –get in touch! 

Our Legacy – used in over 200 schools across the UK!