Equip yourself with bright, colourful and vibrant resources ?

Meeting young people for the first time and bringing some flip chart, the standard yellow Post-It notes and biros? Think again!

The SLH team are like magpies. We love all things bright, colourful and attractive to the eye. You see, being creative doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be an up and coming artist. Creativity is about play. It’s about fun. It’s about thinking outside the box. It’s using your imagination to spark conversation and formulate ideas.

Our advice would be to always brighten up your flip chart sheets, even if it’s with a bright and colourful border! Yes Post-It notes are an essential item in the toolkit but did you know they come in all shapes, colour and sizes?!

You may have your own bag of tricks to keep things fun, visual, colourful and interactive, but we invite you to add to it with our selection of handy SLH resources, including our bestselling Chateez Cards. Think Amazon for scrabble tiles, bendy people, play doh, scented pens and much more 😊