Youth Voice training
Premier League Charitable Fund

In 2015, we were approached by the Premier League Charitable Fund to help them strengthen and coordinate their youth voice practice across their 30 Club Community Organisations (CCOs).


We suggested undertaking a baseline survey of participation activities across the 30 CCOs to understand the climate and context. 23 number of clubs responded. One of the emerging themes we found was that staff felt they had limited expertise and training in youth voice work. This knowledge allowed us to design a plan of action. We followed up the surveys by consulting with five CCOs and more than 50 young participants, investigating what works, what doesn’t work, and what the most helpful course of action at the coalface would be.

We put all the findings together from the consultation and created a ‘youth voice toolkit’ to be disseminated to all the clubs. It was designed to be user-friendly, to build confidence, and to plug gaps in users’ knowledge and experience. Alongside this, we designed a ‘Train the Trainers’ coaching programme, to be delivered to lead CCO staff with the objective that they could then use it to ‘train’ their colleagues and spread a strong youth voice message to improve practice.

Our Legacy

  • Over 100 CCO staff trained.
  • Youth voice manual and pocket guide created.
  • Activity posters and fun conversation-card resources designed.