Training Workshops and Facilitation

Training Workshops and Facilitation

If you’ve ever tried to facilitate a meeting, you’ll know that it falls into the ‘harder than it looks’ category. Along with re-folding a map and squeezing toothpaste back into the tube (which is, incidentally, one of the ‘icebreakers’ we use to get young people interacting and laughing together).

Our pool of skilled facilitators understand group dynamics and can assist in running training sessions, workshops or meetings on a number of subjects. We use youth-friendly techniques and keep the sessions fun, whilst making sure they achieve their goals. The result? Better decisions and optimum participant engagement.

We are excellent at keeping conversations on track, and ensuring each person’s voice is heard. We can either lead or assist in the preparation, design, running and documenting of your next young person’s meeting or event. We’ll take care of:

  • Gaining commitment from young people in alignment with meeting outcomes.
  • Obtaining the group’s positive engagement, their honest thoughts and clearest decision-making.
  • Ensuring clear communication and avoiding misunderstandings that could hinder productivity.

We achieve all of this without making meetings dull or formulaic – you won’t find anyone yawning or playing on their phones when we’re around! Past participants at our meetings have said that the time flew by and they enjoyed the process. Silver Lined Horizons is renowned for our icebreakers to get the conversation flowing. Our SLH suitcase is jam-packed with tools, techniques and resources that we will open up and share with you. You will have access to all of our materials, from our voting pads to our Chateez Cards. Because we know that one sad packet of Post-it notes just isn’t going to cut it.