What makes an excellent mental health service?

Our Wandsworth Young Commissioners have been sharing their thoughts on what makes an excellent mental health service for children and young people. Here is what Naqi (Young Commissioner) had to say about the ideas behind his drawings:

“Through my drawing, I have made mental health services optimal for young people. I designed it to be a safe haven of sorts for young people. An escape from the world, with a sense of calm and to help keep grounded.

The first image is the front of the service, letting people know it’s an open, safe space and people are accepting of one another. It inspires hope for the future. The diagrams are just the range of activities for people to partake in, from music to writing books to cooking.

The next image is the playground type thing, with green space. A combined football and basketball court for young people to let loose, have fun and reminisce on primary school days, or just to play some ball with their friends.

The last image, and probably the one that means the most, is the ‘Break-Out Area’. I designed it to be a tech free zone, to try and give young people a break from the world of social media. Giving them time to appreciate the world around them. It includes beanbags and a sofa, as young people love to relax and procrastinate. Some plants for added greenery, as the Covid-19 crisis has shown people’s mental health can be improved by seeing greenery and feeling as if they are outside. It also includes a pool table, as a relaxed yet competitive game; hopefully giving young people a chance to make new friends. A library, just cause I love books and some young people love to dive in to fantasy worlds.

And lastly, I just wanted to comment on the location for this service. Looking at the mental health map, it seems somewhere near Ashcroft is the best central place. Plus, with a central location, it takes away stigma from the fact that it is not placed in an isolated corner of Wandsworth which is found in many schools.”