Our Training Courses for Young People

With a range of trainings to choose from, you’ll be stuck for choice. As an optional extra, all our young people courses can be AQA certified- not a bad perk if we do say so ourselves 😉

Policies and procedures may sound like a killjoy, but not on this course! Through interactive activities and discussion, we explore the different processes and stages of commissioning. We keep things practical as we demystify the commissioning cycle, procurement, quality assurance and much more!  

We will ensure that everyone completes this course with the knowledge and skills to engage with commissioning activities with confidence and influence.

This is the perfect starter course for young people participating in Young Commissioner or Young Inspector focused programmes. 

Want to get creative and involve young people in undertaking research?

Research and evaluation techniques are explored through this course, as we use new media and technology to learn about peer consultation, interviewing, confidentiality, data analysis and presentation skills.  We will explore the organisational benefits of peer led research and how it can strengthen youth voice, improve services and empower young people.  

Young people will come away from the course understanding exactly what ‘research’ is. They will be able to identify research questions and will know how crucial ethics and confidentiality are throughout the process. All the while, the importance of equal opportunities, respecting people’s views and informed consent will be highlighted.

This is the perfect introduction to peer-consultation, research and evaluation. Fantastic for those participating in a Young Researcher or Young Evaluator focused role.

Yes, you read it right – this course is to ‘train’ the trainers! Young people can be expert facilitators, and this session will teach you how to do just that!

We look at different training techniques as we delve into different types of learning styles and facilitation approaches. We will consider group dynamics and communication to equip young people with the right skills to handle even the most difficult of delegates!

Communication, active listening and presentation skills are just a handful of the topics covered to help young people become training superstars.  

This is the perfect course for young people preparing to deliver training, workshops, focus groups or events.

Our Courses for Adults

Be prepared to see the incredible benefits of youth participation first-hand, as each of our courses is co-developed and co-delivered by our talented Silver Lines, all of whom have been trained as young facilitators.

As experts by experience, our young people bring a unique energy, helping to fuel and challenge thinking and ideas.

New to the world of children’s and young people’s participation? Want to increase your understanding and find ways for young people to contribute to decision-making in your organisation? Fret not, we are here to help you do just that!

We will be sharing our top tips and tricks to supporting young people in decision- making processes. Through interactive activities and discussion, we will explore the barriers that can potentially inhibit communication or exclude children and young people from taking part and give you advice on how you can overcome this.

Rest assured, you will leave this course with a clearer understanding of youth engagement and the confidence to support young people to meaningfully participate in the decisions that affect their lives. We’ll also send you away with tons of practical tools and techniques on how to keep your sessions fun.

Keen to show a formal commitment to putting young people at the heart of what you do? Write a participation strategy!

Building a culture of participation in your organisation doesn’t have to be a daunting task. This course will help you to develop an agenda and action plan for children’s and young people’s participation, while identifying enablers (including staff and youth skills) that need to be built into your strategy. It will outline various approaches to measuring the impact of your participation strategy, plus flag up some possible barriers when it comes to implementation.

Oh, co-production, a hot topic which is easily said and often misunderstood. Done well, effective co-production can be integral to service design and delivery, so it’s very important to get it right.

We believe in a doing ‘with’ not a doing ‘to’ approach. Through practical activities and discussion, we’ll help you to understand the difference between co-production, consultation, engagement, participation and involvement.  We will look at the values and principles of co-production, as we explore different methods for working with young people. We will identify some of the common barriers and benefits to co-production and share our tips and tricks for finding solutions.

We guarantee you’ll leave this course with a clearer insight into the world of co-production and how to work in a co-productive way.

Keen to involve young people in the commissioning process but not sure how? You’ve come to the right place!

On this course we will talk you through how you engage young people to participate at every stage of the commissioning cycle. We will explore the different methods and approaches that you can use so young people can become co-designers of services that better meet their needs.

We will explain how you can demystify the process for young people and the types of support and training they will need to engage in the process.

Do you want your organisation to engage and work with young people in new, innovative ways?