Our approach

When it comes to youth participation, the concept of ‘social pedagogy’ is at the core of how we work.

This approach means that we use our heads, hearts and hands at all times. We think, we care and we do, always keeping young people’s needs at the forefront of our minds. While achieving results for your organisation is key, we also use the process of youth participation to strengthen each young person’s personal and social development.
We know that we can’t simply walk into a room full of young people we’ve never met and start asking for their opinions. We know that if we want to gather insight and achieve the best outcome for you, we need to build rapport with the young people. Relationships can be built up very quickly – even in an hour’s session – if you have the right skills. To do this, we make things interactive, accessible and, above all, fun. We use visual and audio aids in everything we do. We prepare. We use our skills as facilitators to ensure we bring both adults and young people with us on our journey.
case studies
Our ethos revolves around keeping things real. We can show you that there is value in what you can produce for yourselves, without the need to be an expert videographer or artist, learning to embed this within your organisation.