What We Do

We provide project-management support to organisations that are keen to find ways of involving children and young people as genuine partners in their work. Whether you need support in the development, delivery or evaluation of youth projects and services, we can help you. We will:

  • Bring fresh perspectives and influence change in new and unexpected ways.
  • Make your services more responsive, understanding and considerate of young people’s needs.
  • Improve the development and delivery of effective policies and services through the incorporation of young people’s views.
  • Provide a cost-effective way to implement change within your organisation by becoming more relevant to those accessing the services.
  • Deliver improved outcomes for both young people and your organisation.

Our services

When it comes to youth consultancy, we’re not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ operation. We know that needs and requirements will vary from organisation to organisation and from project to project. That is why our services are bespoke, tailored especially for you. We will provide a value-for-money service that will strengthen children’s and young people’s voices within your organisation. In short, we’ll engage young people on your behalf.

The specific areas we cover are: